DIY Home Monitoring

If you are a handy do-it-yourselfer around the home, there are options for setting up your alarm home monitoring security. You can either set up a system just to scare off intruders or your system can be connected to an outside monitoring service in which you pay a subscription each month. Depending on your budget and protection needs will dictate what avenue to pursue when it comes to your alarm home monitoring security.


Most self-installation alarm systems have the capability to hook up to outside monitoring services as well as integrate additional security features as your budget and needs allow. For instance, you may look at Sentry security home alarms with the basics window and door alarms along with sirens which sound off when intruders try to break in. This type of burglar alarm could be added onto by integrating smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or even motion detectors.

Purchasing alarm home monitoring security, you may select the 49 484 Radio Shack Safe House model which is good protection for an average one story family home. You can install it yourself and pay for a monitoring service as well as add to the system at a later date. You also have the option of purchasing the alarm system on your own but paying a professional to install it for you.

Great Add-ons

As mentioned above, you could install a basic alarm system and go back and add to it at a later date. Safe House alarms and other brands all have one thing in common “ the ability to protect the perimeter of your home. This is done by adding sensors to the doors and windows which detect when an intruder tries to break the window glass or jimmy a door open. However, protecting the inside of your home is just as important.

For the interior, consider wiring your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to your home security system. A siren or strident beeping will alert you in the event of a fire or even the presence of the odorless, deadly carbon monoxide. You can wire other environmental controls which can detect a drop in temperature or even flooding. If you take care of an elderly parent or someone with special medical needs, alarm keypads can be installed in each room which could be activated should a medical emergency arise.

For both the interior and exterior of your home, you might even want to consider motion sensors and video surveillance. Motion sensors attached to your burglar system could alert you and your outside monitoring service of an intruder on your property. If you live in a rural area where wildlife is common, special motion sensors can be purchased which can differentiate humans from animals to prevent false alarms.

With a decent understanding of electricity and good old common sense, you can set up your own alarm system. However, with the addition of an outside monitoring service, you greatly decrease your odds of a crime or emergency against you and your property. Plus, your homeowner’s insurance goes down too. If you are setting up your own alarm home monitoring security system though, just the alarm alone can be a deterrent against crime. However, why take the chance, when, for just the cost of one restaurant meal per month, you could easily pay an outside monitoring service for the added protection.