Interesting things to do in Wiltshire

Wiltshire is certainly one of the most visited areas of the UK apart from the big cities such as London or Manchester. What makes this area so popular is probably its historical value – lots of Victorian style mansions all around as well as Stonehenge are enough for some tourists, whereas others are more demanding.

If you are into vintage time

Wilshire really has a lot to offer since all the mansions are well kept and most of them are open to visitors. However, if you would like to experience more, there are also some ways you can spend your weekends on. One of them is viewing vintage classics. Those cars are absolutely astonishing and you will find them fascinating even if you are not a big fan of cars. What’s even better – you can rent one and spend a weekend driving up and down Wilshire countryside and enjoy those truly beautiful views of nature and visit Stonehenge, why not?

Get in touch with nature

If you are looking for a true adventure in nature and you don’t want to visit ancient ruins, you can as well Forest Falconry. You will be simply amazed with this place as there are so many different birds such as Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls living there and you probably saw most of them only on TV. If you are looking for enjoyment, you can spend a day training these beautiful birds and having a great hands on experience with them. You can also go on hiking trails in the West Woods and it’s great for children and pets as well. What’s more, you can always enjoy the scent of bluebells in spring which will make you relax and forget about the city life.

Visit the mansions

Wilshire area is famous for its architecture as well. Nice little villages are also great and you will be able to see them along the way, but visiting mansions such as The Victorian Country House is truly a great experience. You will be amazed by the height of those ceilings and all that luxury. Spending a day roaming up and down such a big estate is a time well spent, especially if you visit on a sunny, summer day. There are some beautiful playgrounds for children as well so it can be a great family weekend getaway.